UI-UX Designer

Currently we're looking for UI/UX Designer,

These are the requirement details:
  • Full Time Remote, Monday - Friday, 9-5
  • Laki-laki
  • Muslim
  • Under 30 years old.
  • Lulusan S1 jurusan Teknik Informatika atau Sistem Informasi
  • Intermediate level of UI UX Design and mastering Figma, nanti akan kita asses berdasar portfolio dan quiz assesment.
  • General UI UX Design knowledge.
  • UI UX Design process workflow.
  • SaaS system knowledge.
  • Good visual references knowledge.
  • Good communication and Fast Respons
  • Good attitude
  • Good at English
  • Good team work
  • Good logical thinking
  • Not color blind.
  • Have good internet connections.
  • Have decent hardware for running Figma.
  • Home and Family situation is allowing you to work at Home.

Expectation from us:
  • We will be working on SaaS projects. So, your knowledge about SaaS system is one of parameter to be considered.
  • You will work on UI/X design process using our internal Fikri Studio workflow system, so the main and only tool is Figma. No coding, no icon and illustration designing.
  • We have our own Level experience system, so we hope everyone can skillup and level up to become Manager Level.
  • We are expecting a long-term commitment, because to grow you need a lot of times to do experimentation and applying the learning result into real projects, and of course “Good things takes time”. Plus, we want to build a team of experts from Indonesia to play in Global level.

  • You will be trained and skilled up by our Fikri Studio Leaarning programs. I can say it's really good opportunity to learn and skillup.
  • Many other culture programs.

The next step:

Step 1 - Screening your Submission

Step 2 - Quizz assesment

Step 3 - Interview

Step 4 - Contract negotiation


Q: Is Fikri Studio a legal entity?
A: Yes, our legal name is PT FIKRI KREASI PRODUKTIF

Q: Apakah ada SOP?
A: Yes, nanti ketika proses Onboarding akan kita berikan SOP.

Q: Apakah ada BPJS?
A: Belum untuk saat ini karena sedang in progress.

Full-time 9 to 5, Mon to Fri

Remote Friendly

Jun 01, 2023 - Oct 31, 2026


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