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Modernizing the Design. A Fresh LookDeconetwork needed a design update. The goal was simple: make the interface look modern. The software serves multi-decorator print shops, and the design needed to reflect today's industry standards.

The challenge

Time for Change

The Problem:
Deconetwork's design was old and out of step with the needs and expectations of its users. It looked behind the times.

What It Meant:

  • Users Struggled: The old design made things more complicated than they needed to be.
  • Bad for Business: The outdated look could push potential clients towards competitors with a more up-to-date appearance.

The Need:
Deconetwork had to move forward. The design had to be fresh and modern to keep up with the industry and to keep users happy and engaged.

Implications of the stagnant design

1. Misalignment with Industry Standards:

  • Incongruity with Modern Aesthetics: The existing design no longer resonated with the dynamic and innovative nature of the print industry. From color palettes to iconography, the visual elements failed to mirror the creativity and energy of the multi-decorator print shops that were the target audience.
  • Lack of Responsiveness: The interface's outdated design translated into a lack of adaptability across various devices, restricting users in an age where flexibility is paramount.

2. User Experience Challenges:

  • Navigational Complexity: The dated design led to a cluttered user interface, complicating navigation. What should have been intuitive became a maze, slowing down workflows and hindering efficiency.
  • Lack of Responsiveness: The interface's outdated design translated into a lack of adaptability across various devices, restricting users in an age where flexibility is paramount.

Our Strategy

Alright, so here's how we tackled the app redesign with our strategy: First, we switched to a style that fits the background of this app which enhances the interface. Then get this – we're giving it a fresh twist and trying out some direction. Once we get the most suitable style, we apply it on every page.

Let's take a look at how we shift from the old style

We explore and analyze style direction that match with Deconetwork brand and product category and also the target user, and these are the keywords. #Modern #Clean #Serious

User Interface Moodboard

And these are the visual moodboard for the User Interface style that we think is best suited for Deconetwork.

Result of new visual design based on style directions

We're shifting the design from the old style to a new modern, clean, and serious direction. We'll focus on updating colors, typography, and layouts while maintaining brand consistency. By infusing contemporary elements and a serious tone, our aim is to create an interface that embodies a fresh look while conveying a sense of professionalism.

Order progress tracker

Stay in control of your print shop's operations with the Order Status Overview module. This module categorizes orders into distinct groups based on their current status, offering a quick and organized way to manage your production workflow.Effortlessly track and manage orders at various stages, ensuring smoother processes and improved communication within your team.

Purchase order Hub

Streamline and optimize your print shop's purchasing process with the Purchase Order Hub module. Effectively manage orders, track deliveries, and collaborate seamlessly with suppliers. From initiation to delivery, this module enhances efficiency and inventory control for operational excellence.

Add product, optimize real product control.

Effortlessly add new products to your system and gain full control over your stock levels. Stay ahead of demand, avoid stockouts, and minimize overstock situations with accurate and real-time product tracking.Empower your business with streamlined inventory management and witness the boost in efficiency and profitability. Embrace the 'Add Product' advantage and take your inventory control to new heights.

Production workflow center

Enhance your print shop's production management with the Production Workflow Center module. This feature categorizes production tasks into clear segments, allowing you to effectively oversee every step of the manufacturing process.

From design to finalization, this module streamlines production workflows, fostering efficient collaboration within your team. Whether you're coordinating ongoing projects, quality-checking final outputs, or optimizing resource allocation, this module revolutionizes your production management approach.

Elevate your operational efficiency, ensure timely project completion, and drive overall business success using the Production Workflow Center.

Advanced filter toolbox

Take control of data exploration in your print shop with the Advanced Filter Toolbox module. This tool empowers you to categorize, sort, and extract specific insights from your data pool. From customer details to order statuses, this module streamlines information retrieval, enhancing decision-making and efficiency.

Whether you're seeking to analyze trends, track specific metrics, or refine your view, the Advanced Filter Toolbox transforms complex data into actionable intelligence. Elevate your analytical capabilities, optimize resource allocation, and drive informed strategies with this essential module.

The result

The new UI reflects a contemporary visual language, utilizing a refined color palette and sleek typography that enhances readability and engagement. Navigation has been simplified, making it effortless for users to explore the app's features and functionalities.

This redesign hasn't just been about aesthetics; it's also improved functionality. Intuitive placement of elements and streamlined interactions have significantly improved user workflow. The user feedback we've received is testament to this success, with users expressing delight in the ease of use and overall appeal.

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