Kirrivan - (CRM) Customer Relationship Management System Case Study

Product Design
Project timeline
2022 - 2023
What we do?
  • Research
  • Visual design
  • Interaction design

The challenge

Presents the opportunity to create a user interface and experience that caters to real user needs in efficiently managing leads, contacts, and sales.

As businesses rely on CRM systems to streamline sales processes and enhance customer relationships, Kirrivan needs to set itself apart in a competitive market by offering an innovative design that balances visual appeal with seamless usability.

The solutions

The solution involves simplified navigation, clear visual hierarchy, and mobile responsiveness. Personalization and customization options, along with integration and automation, enhance the user experience.

Data security, scalability, and continuous improvement ensure Kirrivan is a functional and efficient tool for managing leads, contacts, and sales.

Understanding the potential users step by step.

Learn how we talked to people like you, asking questions and listening carefully. We turned what we learned into friendly personas that represent different kinds of users. Come discover how this down-to-earth process shapes the way our CRM app works.

Conduct UX Audit on the main competitor.

By analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, and user interactions, we gained invaluable insights that informed our design decisions. Walk with us through this enlightening process that allowed us to learn from the best while crafting a unique and user-centered CRM experience.

We have room to carry out many innovative ideas from competitor.

We explore the creative landscape and find room to infuse fresh ideas into our own strategies. This journey of inspiration is propelling us towards crafting a unique and forward-thinking solution that stands out in the market.

Understanding the potential users step by step.

Learn how we talked to people like you, asking questions and listening carefully. We turned what we learned into friendly personas that represent different kinds of users. Come discover how this down-to-earth process shapes the way our CRM app works.

Visual direction.

We delve into the world of color palettes, typography, and design elements that shape the aesthetics of our projects. This short journey will unveil the thought process behind our visually captivating designs, showcasing how every detail contributes to make a
good user experience.

Wireframing process.

With a grid system, we thoughtfully organize content for visual harmony and engagement. Meanwhile, wireframes serve as the skeletal blueprints, mapping out intuitive user pathways and essential functionalities.

Unique. Fresh. Still easy to use & meet user needs.

Creating an outstanding visual & user experience is our design foundation. We blend eye-catching visuals with fresh colors to engage, while ensuring effortless navigation and easy use. Our features are thoughtfully designed to meet your needs, resulting in a seamless and enjoyable interaction.

Explore our features.

Step into a new era of CRM with Kirrivan's clean, modern, and visually captivating design. Say goodbye to the formal and dated interfaces.


Navigation - Easily explore our features.

Seamlessly explore our CRM app's diverse features through our thoughtfully organized and user-friendly menu structure. With intuitive categorization and straightforward pathways, you can easily navigate through different modules and features.

Dashboard - Monitoring &
manage your sales.

Keep tabs on your sales with our intuitive dashboard. Visualize performance, deals, and make informed decisions effortlessly. Empower your sales journey with our user-friendly feature.

Explore dashboard smoothly — Dive into our dashboard module with ease, thanks to its intuitive layout and visually engaging design. Effortlessly navigate through insightful charts, graphs, and data visualizations that provide a clear overview of your sales performance.

Fresh & Modern chart widget — Ensures a seamless experience, allowing you to effortlessly interact with data and uncover valuable insights. Experience a level of modern & fresh visual exploration as you steer your sales strategies toward success.

Dashboard builder — Craft personalized dashboards effortlessly. Choose widgets, arrange data, and create dynamic visualizations that drive decisions.

Contact - Monitoring &
manage your sales.

Monitor and Manage Leads and Contacts - Streamline your lead and contact management with our user-friendly Contact module. Effortlessly track and oversee your interactions, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Managing leads — Effortlessly transition leads into valuable contacts using our intuitive flow. Visualize their journey using our Kanban feature, moving leads through stages with a simple drag and drop.

Leads detail — Ensuring you have a clear, structured view of every interaction and engagement.

Seamlessly track progress, manage tasks, and nurture relationships, all within a user-friendly and organized framework designed to elevate your lead management.

Sending email in Leads detail — With our integrated email functionality, you can seamlessly send, receive, and track emails without leaving the platform.

Craft personalized messages, attach relevant documents, and keep a record of all correspondence in one centralized location.

Run Playbook — Discovery calls, though you can adapt these playbooks using the playbook editor to suit your requirements. These playbooks combine automation and customization.

Marketing - Boost your sales with our features.

Engage leads and customers through targeted campaigns, automation, and personalized messages. From lead gen to retention, our user-friendly tools amplify your sales efforts for exceptional results.

Create Ads/Post Engagement — Craft compelling ads and engaging posts that resonate using our intuitive feature. With user-friendly tools, enhance your online presence, attract attention, and achieve remarkable results.

Ads — Seamlessly manage and optimize your advertising efforts, from creative creation to targeting. With user-friendly tools and insightful analytics, elevate your campaigns and drive impactful results.

Reach your audience effectively and achieve your marketing goals with ease.

Email builder — Create personalized and visually engaging emails effortlessly, using our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

From layout design to content customization, our feature empower you to reach your audience with impactful messages. Elevate your communication and drive engagement with ease.

Scheduling email — Take control of your email campaigns with our 'Setting & Scheduling' feature within the Email Builder. Customize delivery settings, choose optimal send times, and even automate follow-ups seamlessly.

Ensure your messages reach the right audience at the right moment. Simplify your campaign management, maximize engagement, and achieve exceptional results.

Social media ads analysis — Gain valuable insights into the performance of your ads campaigns across various platforms.From click-through rates to audience engagement. Optimize your strategies, refine your targeting, and achieve better results through informed decision-making.

Manage social media — Effortlessly schedule and publish posts across platforms, engage with your audience, and track performance – all within a good interface.

Manage account — Stay in control, manage your company list profile with ease, and ensure a smooth and secure experience across our platform.

Managing marketing campaign — Adding marketing assets to monitoring performance, empowers you to craft, execute, and analyze campaigns with ease. Elevate your marketing strategy, engage your audience, and achieve impactful results through streamlined campaign management.

Lead capture — Harness the power of our 'Lead Capture' feature to effortlessly capture valuable leads. Utilize user-friendly forms, landing pages, and interactive tools to engage your audience and gather essential information.

From initial contact to seamless integration, optimize your lead generation process and fuel your growth with ease.

Form sequence builder — Create dynamic sequences of forms that guide users through interactive journeys. With user-friendly drag-and-drop tools, design personalized experiences that nurture leads and drive engagement.

Seamlessly shapes every step of the user's interaction, from initial interest to conversion, all within a single, intuitive platform.

Sales - Elevating your sales.

Effortlessly navigate through Deals, Quotes, Products, Sales Orders, Invoices, and Forecasts. Experience a user-friendly interface tailored to enhance efficiency and drive conversions, elevating your sales strategy to unprecedented heights.

Deals — Effortlessly advance through the stages, from 'Lead' to 'Proposal,' 'Negotiation,' 'Contract Sent,' and the ultimate 'Closed Won.'

Seamlessly monitor and manage each stage, collaborating with your team and gaining valuable insights.

Products — Easily create and customize products, setting prices, stock information, terms, and more. Efficiently manage your product catalog, ensuring that your offerings align perfectly with your sales strategy.

Inovices — Effortlessly generate invoices and track payments, due dates, and balances. This submodule seamlessly integrates with your workflow, ensuring a smooth and efficient billing process.

Simplify your financial management and keep your sales and finance teams aligned, all within one powerful platform.

Create invoice — Streamlines your billing processes effortlessly. Generate invoices with ease, specifying pricing, payment terms, and due dates.

Seamlessly link invoices to the corresponding sales transactions for precise record-keeping.

Quotes — Seamlessly link quotes to sales opportunities, ensuring accurate tracking.

Forecast — Analyze historical data, spot trends, and generate precise sales forecasts. With intuitive tools, you'll gain valuable insights to enhance your sales strategy, enabling better planning and data-backed decision-making.

This feature empowers you to anticipate market shifts and optimize your sales efforts, seamlessly integrated within the app.

Tools - Make your workflow faster.

Experience a faster and more efficient workflow with our comprehensive Tools module.

From task management to data analysis, document handling, and reporting, our user-friendly tools empower you to streamline processes and boost productivity.

Automation flow builder — Craft customized automation sequences tailored to your specific needs using our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

Automation sequences — Effortlessly design custom automation sequences step by step, combining tasks, emails, calls, and more. Streamline your workflow, improve efficiency, and ensure no detail is overlooked.

Crafting powerful automation has never been easier. Elevate your productivity and achieve more in less time.

Mobile App.

Experience seamless accessibility to your CRM with our mobile app. Manage leads, track sales, and access important data anytime, anywhere.

With an intuitive interface, real-time updates, and full functionality, you're always connected and in control, ensuring productivity on the move.

The result.

We've crafted a CRM solution that redefines the user experience. With a unique and fresh visual design, our platform offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Navigating through our system is smooth and efficient, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Our feature set is thoughtfully crafted to meet your needs, providing a powerful yet user-friendly tool for seamless customer relationship management.

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