Tiimi - Human Resources Management System Case Study

Product Design
Human Resources Management
Project timeline
2022 - 2023
What we do?
  • Research
  • HR Manager Web app
  • HR Manager Mobile app
  • Responsive web for applying job

The challenge

The primary challenge in designing Tiimi, the HR management system, is to strike the right balance between a modern and visually appealing UI/UX while maintaining a high level of functionality and usability.

Additionally, ensuring that the system caters to diverse business needs and sizes, from small startups to large enterprises, poses a unique design challenge.

The solutions

We try adopts a user-centric approach, conducting extensive research. Implementing a flexible and modular design, Tiimi becomes customizable, allowing businesses to tailor the system to their specific requirements.

Desktop web app for
HR Manager.

The HR management web app offers a dynamic dashboard with real-time analytics, aiding better decision-making. It includes an organized inbox and appointment management for effective internal communication. The calendar module ensures efficient event scheduling, and the video call room enables seamless virtual interactions. Streamlining recruitment with a dedicated jobs section and a flexible form builder simplifies data collection, empowering HR managers.

Inbox for efficient communication.

Presents a versatile and comprehensive solution,
centralizing all forms of communication within the HR management web app.

Simplify communication — porta auctor, This module streamlines internal messages, performance feedback, and appointment requests into a single interface, reducing administrative burden for HR managers.

Inbox Whatsapp version.

Inbox Email version.

Reply email quickly.

Post & monitor your jobs.

A powerful module that provides HR managers with a centralized platform to oversee and manage all job openings within the organization. HR managers can easily access and monitor the status of each job posting, view applicant numbers, and track the progress of recruitment efforts.

Monitoring your candidates easily.

Designed to centralize and streamline the entire candidate lifecycle. HR managers can conveniently access and monitor all candidate details, including application status, qualifications, and interview progress.

The user-friendly interface allows effortless navigation through the candidate pipeline, facilitating efficient evaluation and selection processes.

Candidate details.

Candidate resume.

Interviews your candidates.

Candidate details — View of each candidate's profile and application information. This feature-rich screen provides essential details such as contact information, work experience, education, and skills. HR managers can easily track the candidate's progress through the hiring pipeline, from application submission to interview status and final decision.

Empowering HR management.

Employee Management, Job Site Management, and Organization Structure. Employee Management centralizes data, facilitating talent development and informed decision-making.

More simpler features built for mobile monitoring.

A simplified and efficient mobile version tailored for HR managers. Designed to deliver a seamless user experience, it provides essential HR monitoring features on-the-go. Empowering HR managers with real-time insights, the app enables effortless candidate tracking, communication management, appointment scheduling, and job site monitoring.

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