Zendenta v.2

Zendenta - Dental Clinic Management System Case study

Product Design
Dental, Healthcare
Project timeline
2022 - 2023
What we do?
  • Research
  • Desktop Web app
  • Patient mobile app
  • Doctor mobile app
  • Landing Page
  • Brandbook

The challenge

We must understand the ins and outs of every medical activity in detail. This complexity is essential in providing our valued clients with the most optimal solutions. In addition, because the majority of dental clinics have preferences that still rely on manual processes.

We emphatically acknowledge their concerns, feeling that digital systems may be confusing and overburdening their usual workflows. To bridge this gap, our main focus is adapting their manual practices into a seamless digital experience, ensuring that our user-friendly designs easily align with manual existing processes.

The solutions

Our solutions revolve around gaining an in-depth understanding of dental medical activities, enabling us to create optimal designs for Zendenta. Additionally, we strive to make the digital transition as smooth as possible for dental clinics, aligning our user-friendly designs with existing manual processes.

Through this thoughtful and adaptive approach, we ensure that Zendenta becomes a powerful tool to increase efficiency and enhance the overall experience of patients and clinic staff.

Streamlining clinic management.

The ultimate solution for effortless clinic management. Explore the smooth flow of appointment scheduling, convenient bill payments, and meticulous appointment closure. We have an user-friendly interface, clinics and patients can now experience optimized care and enhanced efficiency, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free journey.

A refreshingly clean experience.

A refreshing blend of carefully selected typefaces, modern icons, and a fresh medical-inspired color palette. Embrace efficient clinic management with a user-friendly interface that elevates satisfaction through modern simplicity.

Simple & clean,
user-friendly design.

A stunning showcase of modern, simple, and clean design that prioritizes user-friendliness. Experience the effortless efficiency of clinic management through carefully crafted interfaces, intuitive navigation, and a fresh, inviting user experience.

Fast and user-friendly
appointment scheduling.

Discover the power of streamlined appointment scheduling with our Fast and User-Friendly feature. Embrace a seamless journey as patients and clinic staff navigate a simple, intuitive interface designed to optimize the scheduling process.


Step 1 - Treatment & dentist.

Step 2 - Basic information.

Step 3 - Oral hygiene habits.

Add patient to waitlist — With just a click, clinic staff can effortlessly include patients in the waitlist, optimizing the patient queue management.

Enjoy a user-friendly interface that empowers clinic staff to efficiently handle waitlists, providing a seamless experience for both patients and staff

4 steps to add medical checkup data with ease.

Record essential information, treatment plans, oral check results, and agreements with ease. Elevate patient care wit
a user-friendly process, ensuring comprehensive and
accurate records.


Adding medical records & finalizing treatments.

Streamline patient care with ease. Add medical records seamlessly and finalize treatments effortlessly. Optimize your clinic's workflow for a smooth and comprehensive healthcare journey.

Finish treatment for each patient.

Set the component & medicine used.

Set the medical record.

Finsih treatment — Efficiently plan patient care with personalized recommendations and treatment suggestions. Empower clinic staff with user-friendly interfaces for informed decision-making.

Elevate your clinic's treatment management for lasting relationships and improved health outcomes.

Simplified sales module.

Where managing transactions becomes a breeze. Experience the ease of paying bills, efficient
tracking of transactions, and seamless transfers between various accounts like free cash and
treatment funds.

Organize transactions with accounts.

This is a pocket to give experience the ease of financial management. Effortlessly create designated pockets to collect and track money from all transactions & expenses. With a user-friendly interface, clinic staff can efficiently monitor and allocate funds with precision.

Transfer money — Effortlessly transfer funds between accounts. Empower users to securely move money from one account to another, streamlining financial transactions.

Detail account.

Transfer money to another account.

Confirm you transfer.

Embrace a hassle-free process that optimizes your clinic's financial management.

Create customized treatment for your clinic.

Our user-friendly interface optimizes the process, enabling clinic staff to manage treatments effortlessly and provide patients with the best possible care.


Unified staff and inventory
management and more.

Enhance teamwork, productivity, and provide exceptional care with a
cohesive clinic environment

Empowering patients
& dentist.

Dentist and patient experience optimized patient management, streamlined communication, and increased clinic efficiency.


Ease of patient monitoring for dentists.

Dentists can monitor and analyze patient outcomes, ensuring personalized care and improved treatment outcomes.

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