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Hello. Fikristudio helped Xurya’s team building their digital product.

Type : Clients work

Xurya is a company in Indonesia that provide solar power solution for regular consumer or business consumer. Xurya help partners achieve their sustainability, economic, and financial goals by lending their expertise on sourcing, developing, operating, and maintaining distributed solar projects.

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Our Role
UI Design - UX design - Interaction Design


UI/X Design Assets

Web-based Technology
Tools that we use

Figma & Principle
Fikri studio helped us design the UIUX for our web-app, and their simple and sleek design has made it amazingly intuitive to narrate our complex product offering and what set them apart from our competitors. The team being responsive and helpful throughout the design and handover process has also added to the very positive experience. Kudos.
Edwin Widjonarko - Director of Technology

Problem that we called it the challenge

When the offline sales team meeting with potential client, they’re facing problem onboarding the client to collect their data. In other situation is when online user landed to Xurya’s website, it’s also required easy to use experience to collect their data. Xurya also need landing page in order to market their product and onboard a potential user. Where the target user for online marketing is mobile phone users.

Solution that makes everyone happy

We make it Easy for potential client to fill their information.
To easily collect data, we need to create fun, easy to use and interesting platform to onboard potential client. Actually Xurya already have it, and called it Xurya Calculator, but it was not on full potential yet. Because it’s not easy to use and confusing.

Old Calculator

The old calculator is one page, without clear instruction or explanation about what should user do. And the flow is confusing because there’s no separation between each steps.

So the challenge is to tweak it, and make it better. And one important note is, we’re focusing on Mobile-first experience since the pirority of target user is on mobile device.

Our Approach

Early Interaction Wireframes

The Results. Responsive mobile webapp.

Mobile friendly user experience for potential customer of Xurya. We make it clean and clear for user. With walktrough and help on each screen. We try to make it as intuitive as possible.

Result Page. Presentation.

Result page is very important, this video is taken when we present the simple prototype interaction to the client. Where the user can scroll and see the data result.

Landing Page Design

Landing page is the main marketing page, that will be on social media campaign or any other campaign. Another function is to create a simulation on which package the client should choose.

Another design works

Some design that support bigger system, Xurya need some email templates for the marketing purpose or Customer relationship purpose. We also do some handmade icons.


People that make this project happen.

Bagus Fikri
Project Manager
Yus Febrianto

UI Designer
Interction Designer
Mufti Hidayat

Icon Designer
Widy Agung